"We are a family business that truly cares about the environment and getting more kids cycling. Our lightweight,
child-specific bikes make it easy and
enjoyable for kids to ride, all whilst promoting a healthy lifestyle!"

Jerry Lawson

Co-founder of Frog Bikes


In 2013, the founders, Jerry and Shelley, were inspired to create Frog Bikes because of the difficulty of finding good bikes for their own children.  They left their corporate careers behind, and set about designing a range of bikes that children love to ride, parents want to buy and stores want to sell.

What makes Frog different?  We specialise in creating high quality bikes specifically designed for the comfort and enjoyment of young riders, so that parents know they are getting an excellent product for their children which will hold its value. We offer a full range of children's bikes for every need, from balance to hybrid bikes to specialised MTB, road and even track bikes for cycling enthusiasts and future winners.

Our stores can be proud to sell our range, knowing that we pay attention to detail, use top quality componentry, many of them designed in-house to incorporate child specific anatomy. We lead the market with our designs, plus we give great customer service.

Now with an award-winning factory in Wales, 1800 stockists worldwide and numerous successful partnerships to help us, we promote healthier communities by encouraging more kids and families to ride bikes.

Everything we do revolves around our values of People, Planet, Product and Profit: treading lightly on the planet, treating
everybody with respect, and producing a responsible, sustainable and desirable product.  We look for the same values in
our partners.


Easy to learn on

The lightweight frame makes our bikes easy to manoeuvre and all components are tailored to younger children. This helps them to build confidence in their cycling abilities whilst having fun.
Sustainable thinking

We care about protecting the planet around us so we continually invest in projects to extend the life of our bikes and reduce our environmental impact. Through our extended warranty and decarbonisation projects we produce bikes that can be passed on instead of being dumped in landfill.

Rigorous safety standards

At Frog, we take product safety seriously and ensure that all of our products comply with relevant safety standards such as ISO, EN and CFR. We go the extra mile by testing our frames beyond the required minimum standard.

Designed and built in
Great Britain

All our bikes are designed and built at our manufacturing facility in Pontypool, Wales - which helps us be more responsive to the market, lower our carbon footprint and create jobs to benefit the local economy.

Diverse range of kids bikes

Our range extends from balance and first-pedal bikes, through to multi-purpose hybrids and more specialist bikes for road, track and MTB. We provide the most comprehensive range of bikes to accommodate all ages, abilities, and disciplines.
Child specific components

All Frog bikes have been designed with the child in mind, including brake levers for smaller hands, and patented shortened cranks for more efficient pedalling. This ensures that children find our bikes easy to use.


As a family run business, we put kids at the heart of everything we do. From the child-specific bike geometry to the bright and colourful range, we want to make every child’s journey as easy, comfortable and fun as possible!

The best fit…
Using findings from our independent scientific study and our child-specific bike fitting rig, we have identified the best bike fit for children. As Dr Tom Korff explains “we use an evidence-based approach and we always base the design of our bikes and the selection of our components on scientific data. With that in mind, we have worked with Sport and Exercise Scientists at Brunel University to determine the optimal position of the child on the bike and designed our frames based on this data to ensure that the child can ride comfortably and efficiently.”  

There’s a science behind it all...
Together with Brunel University, we have reformed the thinking behind children’s bike design. As the man behind our bike geometry, Dr Tom Korff explains, “our bikes are not scaled down adult bikes, as children are not miniature adults. At Frog, we put the child into the centre and design our bikes around the child’s unique anatomy and his/her unique needs”.  

Our journey began with our own kids and this family-friendly ethos still remains an integral part of our business today so we completely understand the needs of a growing child. Features such as adjustable brakes and our handlebar stem add-on provide room for growth whilst shorter crank lengths, scaled down handlebars and easy to reach brake levers help make their journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

The journey does not end there...
Our in-house research and development team systematically review and adapt our bikes, making incremental changes to our product and design to ensure we continue to offer a great product.

Building partnerships that matter

We want to foster a generation of healthy, active and happy children. To aid us with making cycling more accessible and enable children to learn a lifetime skill, we collaborate with like-minded partners across multiple sectors. This includes suppliers, partners and customers, and especially our independent bike stores that lie at the heart of many communities.

We build positive, long-term relationships with everyone we work with, sourcing responsibly and spending thoughtfully.

So whether you're big or small, established or a start-up, and share a passion for cycling, we’d love to hear from you!


"The partnership allows Welsh Cycling affiliated groups to take advantage of great offers on Frog Bikes and also further exciting plans. With the support of Frog Bikes we hope to encourage all children, parents and groups within cycling to develop their skills and get involved with local cycling clubs."

Mark Allen, Welsh Cycling


"Under the guidance of our experienced team and with ideal areas to play and learn, the Frog Bikes were a perfect addition to our multi-sports holiday. Our teams show parents basic ideas and tricks to encourage the kids to quickly get the hang of balancing and pedalling the bikes, whilst having fun and taking pride in their achievement.”

Simon Cook, Activities Manager
at Neilson Holidays


“The Schools Bike Fleet Scheme, that uses Frog Bikes, aims to increase the number of children taking part in cycling by embedding it into the school’s curriculum. Some of the children using the Frog Bikes have never ridden a bike before but now have the opportunity to cycle at school.”

Cllr Caro Wild, Cabinet
Member for Cardiff Council


“Our partnership with Frog Bikes has enabled us to provide great quality and lightweight bikes on site for bike hire for families who come to visit. Having Frog on site has delivered revenue for our heritage sites and allowed families to enjoy what our trusts have to offer on two wheels!”

Graham Clark, National Trust


“Teaming up with a like-minded innovative British company like Frog Bikes seemed like a no-brainer and a way to encourage kids to get out, enjoy riding their bikes and keep them looking factory fresh!” 

Alex Trimnell, Muc-Off CEO


Riding a bike is a fun and rewarding experience for children, and something that we want every child to be able to enjoy. Our partnership with Frog Bikes allows even more children to benefit from cycle training.

Emily Cherry, Executive Director
of the Bikeability Trust


““We started offering sessions for younger kids the same year Frog Bikes was founded back in 2013 and they’ve supported us with bikes for our sessions since their first year.   
Their innovative approach and attention to detail in designing bikes specifically for children and their needs makes them an ideal partner and supplier.”

Iain Cook, Cycling Manager
at Herne Hill Velodrome


MTB: Hit the trails with three killer MTBs, all with lockout and compression control suspension forks that work in line with rider weight to achieve ultimate performance! Experience smoother downhill control using hydraulic disc brakes and impactful suspension forks whilst tackling those uphill climbs like a champ, thanks to ultra-lightweight and rider specific frames.

HYBRID: Ride in style with the sporty hybrid, available in four striking colours! Whether on the trails or riding to school, the PTL hybrid provides a smooth and effortless ride with its lightweight frame and patented crank.

Rapid gear shifting gives riders great agility for climbing hills, getting them further and faster than ever before!

Don't get left behind. PUSH THE LIMITS!


From design to execution, our bikes aim to make cycling easier, more comfortable and more enjoyable for kids to ride on. Click on the videos below to find out what some Frog Bikes owners have to say!

Why partner with Frog Bikes?

We want to collaborate with like minded brands and organisations that share similar values and goals. And ultimately work together to get more kids on bikes and instill lifelong cycling habits from a young age.

As a leading British manufacturer of award-winning lightweight kids’ bikes you will benefit from extended reach through a range of partnership marketing and special commercial terms for bike fleets.

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