"Bikes connect people to places, communities, healthier lifestyles, opportunities and adventures. On a bike, there truly is no limit."

Jerry Lawson

Co-founder of Frog bikes


We founded Frog Bikes in 2013 through what can only be described as a utopia moment. A moment that changed our lives and has evolved into a movement to encourage more kids and families to ride bikes.

It was a fruitless bike hunt for our own two children that inspired us to leave our corporate careers behind and create bikes just for kids. When our children jumped on the first Frog Bikes to come off the production line we were incredibly proud, but we knew the hard work wouldn’t stop there.

Five years later, with an award winning factory in Wales, around 1800 stockists worldwide and numerous successful partnerships to help us, we want to set the wheels in motion for a healthier community by encouraging more kids and families to ride bikes.

When you talk to people who dabble with bikes, they are all happy people. Whether you have a 65-year-old who occasionally cycles, a professional who commutes, or a toddler who is just getting started - their differences subside as they all connect and become part of this happy, healthy and content community.

This is what we want to see more of...

Jerry & Shelley Lawson
Founders of Frog Bikes


We want to foster a generation of healthy, active and happy children with positive lifelong habits. As we work towards this goal, we have broadened our horizons and developed a new community of like minded partners across different sectors, from local schools, holiday resorts, children’s clubs and corporate businesses.

We have a wide variety of valued partners. So whether you're big or small, established or just starting up, if you share a passion for cycling, we’re in this together!


"It's the support like this that enables us to deliver what we do, to continue and build on our current position as one of the UK's largest and most successful Youth Cycling Clubs and Teams. Thanks so much!"

Glasgow Riderz


"Under the guidance of our experienced team and with ideal areas to play and learn, the Frog Bikes were a perfect addition to our multi-sports holiday. Our teams show parents basic ideas and tricks to encourage the kids to quickly get the hang of balancing and pedalling the bikes, whilst having fun and taking pride in their achievement.”

Simon Cook
Activities Manager
Neilson Holidays


"The children and trainers at the schools have been really impressed with the quality of the bikes and surprised with how lightweight they are! We are now able to provide cycle training to almost 1600 pupils across 38 schools in the area."

Fife Council


"We are really impressed with the quality of the bikes. It’s great to see bikes that have been designed especially for kids and come with child specific components. The Frog Bikes have been a very popular addition to our fleet. A 6 yr old tried out one of our Frog 58s, it was her first time on a road bike but within minutes she was flying around the velodrome with a big grin saying ‘Daddy can we take it home?'"

Geoff Cox
Biking La Manga


"We are delighted that Frog Bikes are making our kids’ bikes. Frog have created an impressive range which is superbly designed for young riders. We hope that these bikes will encourage more children to enjoy cycling, at all levels."

Carsten Jeppesen
Head of Technical Operations
Team Sky


We have had a fun time working with the team from Frog Bikes and they have been very easy to work with. Being part of their promotional video was a hoot and the support they have provided for our kids camp has been fantastic. They are slick and easy to work with and the kids who used Frog Bikes on the kids camp really noticed the benefit of riding a good quality bike. Frog put a lot of thought into their bikes resulting in kids having lightweight yet robust mountain bikes that work very well at Glentress and give us the confidence that if kids can handle the bikes, the bikes can handle anything thrown at them.

Andy Weir


“Frog Bikes are a great addition to our fleet of kids bikes for the velodrome. The kid-friendly geometry and excellent components make for a great riding experience for our young racers. The lightweight frame and shorter cranks also make it easier to pedal. And the kids just love the green color!”

Marty Nothstein
Olympic Gold Medalist and Director of the Valley Prefered Cycling Center


As a family run business, we put kids at the heart of everything we do. From the child-specific bike geometry to the bright and colourful range, we want to make every child’s journey as easy, comfortable and fun as possible!

The best fit…
Using findings from our independent scientific study and our child-specific bike fitting rig, we have identified the best bike fit for children. As Dr Tom Korff explains “we use an evidence-based approach and we always base the design of our bikes and the selection of our components on scientific data. With that in mind, we have worked with Sport and Exercise Scientists at Brunel University to determine the optimal position of the child on the bike and designed our frames based on this data to ensure that the child can ride comfortably and efficiently.”  

There’s a science behind it all...
Together with Brunel University, we have reformed the thinking behind children’s bike design. As the man behind our bike geometry, Dr Tom Korff explains, “our bikes are not scaled down adult bikes, as children are not miniature adults. At Frog, we put the child into the centre and design our bikes around the child’s unique anatomy and his/her unique needs”.  

Our journey began with our own kids and this family-friendly ethos still remains an integral part of our business today so we completely understand the needs of a growing child. Features such as adjustable brakes and our handlebar stem add-on provide room for growth whilst shorter crank lengths, scaled down handlebars and easy to reach brake levers help make their journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

The journey does not end there...
Our in-house research and development team systematically review and adapt our bikes, making incremental changes to our product and design to ensure we continue to offer a great product.  

Jerry & Shelley Lawson


Our thoughtfully created range caters for children of all ages and abilities, from early riders, as young as one years old, to more experienced and adventurous teenagers. Guess that's everyone covered!

BALANCE BIKES: The Balance Bike is where a child’s cycling life begins. The Frog Balance Bike is effectively a toddler’s bike without pedals and helps the child to develop the necessary balance to cycle. A great alternative to using training wheels.

FIRST PEDAL BIKES: The Frog First Pedal Bike is the best bike for a child to build confidence. It can also act as a Balance Bike for a taller child by taking off the pedals.

HYBRID BIKES: The Frog Hybrid Bike is the perfect all rounder kids’ bike. It is the ideal multi purpose bike for any child that wants to cycle in multiple disciplines, from forest trails to riding to school.

ROAD BIKES: Our affordable kids’ Road Bikes increase distance and speed with their super lightweight frame. Great for road, cyclocross and triathlon use.

TRACK BIKES: Our aerodynamic teardrop tubes reduce drag which improves speed and performance! These bikes are great for kids looking to get into both track and grass track racing.

MTB BIKES:  Our three MTBs are equipped with lockout and compression control suspension forks, that work in unison with the rider, hydraulic disk brakes & stunning colours allowing you to truly Push The Limits.

PTL HYBRID BIKES: Whether on the trails or riding to school, our lightweight hybrid bike lets you ride wherever in style.


MTB: Hit the trails with three killer MTBs, all with lockout and compression control suspension forks that work in line with rider weight to achieve ultimate performance! Experience smoother downhill control using hydraulic disc brakes and impactful suspension forks whilst tackling those uphill climbs like a champ, thanks to ultra-lightweight and rider specific frames.

HYBRID: Ride in style with the sporty hybrid, available in four striking colours! Whether on the trails or riding to school, the PTL hybrid provides a smooth and effortless ride with its lightweight frame and patented crank.

Rapid gear shifting gives riders great agility for climbing hills, getting them further and faster than ever before!

Don't get left behind. PUSH THE LIMITS!


From design to execution, our bikes aim to make cycling easier, more comfortable and more enjoyable for kids to ride on. Click on the videos below to find out what some Frog Bikes owners have to say!


With thorough processes implemented at all stages, we have gained global recognition for our product, factory and business as a whole.



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FSP World Pay UK Business Awards

Family business of the year
Recognising and celebrating the smaller businesses in the UK.

2017 & 2018


Manufacturer of the Year
(under £25m)
One of the UK's largest national manufacturing awards.


RED DOT design award

MTB69 Mountain Bike
This international product design and communication design prize is awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany.


the queens award for enterprise

International Trade
An awards programme for British businesses and other organisations who excel at international trade, innovation or sustainable development.


Dedicated to making cycling fun for children!
It's only natural that children are more likely to pursue an activity if they find it enjoyable, so by making cycling easier, we hope to make it more fun for children! Ultimately, we support the movement to nurture healthier, active and brighter children.

Making cycling more accessible
By working in collaboration with schools, bike trainers and local groups, we are making cycling more accessible and giving children the opportunity to learn a lifelong skill. They are the leaders, athletes and inspirers of tomorrow, so they deserve the best start in life!

Supporting independent bike stores
The local bike store lies at the heart of communities, often going to lengths to ensure their customers receive correct fitting, excellent customer service and a quality bike. This is why we have chosen them as our chief partner! We proactively involve bike stores in our events and partnerships, so it would be fair to say they are the core of our business.

Looking after the environment
We aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible in all areas of our business. From production, where we use low voltage lighting and renewable energy sources, to packaging as we work on developing reusable and low carbon packaging.

Making sure every Frog has a home!
As Frog Bikes continue to hold their value, we have rolled out a pre-loved programme for used Frog Bikes, to make sure every bike has a home! Whilst making it easy to trade up, we are helping to keep bikes out of landfill.

Our journey starts here

Our dedicated partnerships team takes care to tailor, adapt and customise a strategy that works for each of our partners. Our journey starts here…

we can nurture a healthy and active community.
Together, we can make a difference.
Together, we can achieve more.


For more information please contact Freya Harrison, National Account Manager, at or call +44 (0) 1784 557 775.